Cigarette Flavor Capsule

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Implanted in the cigarette filter, the cigarette capsule, with its core material enclosed by the wall, releases the flavor therein when it is squeezed and popped open with fingers, making a flavored smoking experience.


Hundreds of Flavors including Six Major Series: Flower, Fruit, Alcohol, Herb, Tea, Special


For Regular Cigarettes

For Slim Cigarettes

For Other Cigarettes

Grain Diameter (Ø): 3.5~3.8mm

Weight (mg/capsule): 25±1.5mg

Flavor (mL/capsule): 23±1.5mg

Amount of Capsules/kg: circa 40000

Grain Diameter (Ø): 2.6~2.9mm

Weight (mg/capsule): 11±1.0mg

Flavor (mL/capsule): 10±1.5mg

Amount of Capsules/kg: circa 80000

Grain Diameter (Ø): Custom

Weight (mg/capsule): Custom

Flavor (mL/capsule): Custom

Amount of Capsules/kg: Different for varied specs

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